Happy Family Lies, Satirical Cartoons about family.

Sometimes family is the worst place to live.

  • Cartoon: Same size.

    Same size.
  • Cartoon: Facebook Profile.

    Facebook Profile.
  • Cartoon: Italian Origins.

    Italian Origins
  • Cartoon: Pads with wings.

  • Cartoon: Driver’s License.

  • Cartoon: Italians.

  • Cartoon: Apperances.

  • Cartoon: DeW Contest.

  • Cartoon: Facebook Wedding.

    Facebook Wedding
  • Cartoon: 50 shades of grey.

    50 shades of grey.
  • Cartoon: Trophy.

  • Cartoon: Joke.

  • Cartoon: Mother’s Day.

    Mother's Day.
  • Cartoon: Happiness around the corner.

    Happiness around the corner
  • Cartoon: Do you love me?

    Do you love me?
  • Cartoon: Desperate Housewife

    Desperate Housewife Season Finale.
  • Cartoon: Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day, satirical cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: Black Box

    Cartoon Black Box
  • Cartoon: Monogamy

    Monogamy Cartoon
  • Cartoon: Money is everything.

    Money is everything, cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: Equal Opportunity.

    Equal Opportunity, cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: The Price of Freedom 2.

    The price of freedom 2.
  • Cartoon: Send Him a Tweet.

    Send him a tweet (Santa Claus).
  • Cartoon: Make a wish.

    Make a wish, a satirical cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: A Great Presentation.

    A great presentation.
  • Cartoon: That’s all.

    Father: Life is a luxury that I can't afford.
  • Cartoon: Revolution.

    Father, I'm going to make the revolution!
  • Cartoon: Surprise!

  • Cartoon: Weird Name Trayton.

    Happy Family Lies: Why did you call me trayton?
  • Cartoon: Poop.

    Poop, a satirical cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: I Poop.

    I Poop, satirical cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: I want a divorce!

    I want a Divorce Cartoon, satire about family.
  • Cartoon: Beats Me.

    Beats Me, Cartoon About Family, HappyFamilie.
  • Cartoon: Did You Adopt Me?

    Did you adopt me? Cartoon about family.
  • Cartoon: Good for you.

    Good For You. Satirical Cartoon about Family.
  • Cartoon: Don’t Laugh.

  • Cartoon: The Price of Freedom.

  • Cartoon: A Chip off the old block.

    Family cartoon: A Chip off the old block.
  • Cartoon: Prince Charming.

    Cartoon about family: Prince Charming.
  • Cartoon: Who do you vote for?

    Cartoon about family: Who do you vote for?
  • Cartoon: Angry.

    Cartoon about family: Angry.
  • Cartoon: Family Business.

    Cartoon about Family: Family Business.
  • Cartoon: Grandparents.

    Cartoon about Family: Grandparents.
  • Cartoon: Tax Haven.

    Cartoon about Family: Tax Haven.
  • Cartoon: Cinderella.

    Cartoon about Family: Cinderella.
  • Cartoon: Ugly.

    Cartoon about Family: Ugly.
  • Cartoon: Virgin.

    Cartoon about Family: Virgin.
  • Cartoon: Screw You.

    Cartoon about Family: Screw You.
  • Cartoon: Big Mistake.

    Cartoon about Family: Big Mistake.

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Cartoons Author: Luisa Scarlata